Visual Studio 2008 video tutorials

Below is a list of links to video tutorials provided by Microsoft:

Beginners Introduction to Visual Studio/Visual Basic/C#/ASP.Net
This covers:

  • Getting Started with Visual Studio

  • Creating a Windows Application User Interface

  • Writing Code to Handle Events and Set Properties

  • Working with Variables, Expressions, Statements, Operators

  • Using Branching and Recursion

  • Object Orientated Programming Fundamentals

  • Getting to Know the .Net Framework

  • Obtaining Data from SQL Server

  • Databinding Data to UI Controls

  • Working with XML

  • Handling Exceptions

  • How to use various Windows Form Controls

Although the videos on the above link may be in a different version of Visual Studio to which you are currently using in class they are still EXTREMLY relevant.

Various Video Tutorials on ASP.Net -